Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Parsing out black women’s representation in comics

Thanks in part to high-profile adaptations in movies, TV, and video games, comics have emerged as one of most exciting and influential media of this still-young century. But how well have comic books and comic strips been doing when it comes to depicting women of color? That’s the question at the heart of an interview at Blavity with artist and writer Deborah Whaley, whose most recent book is called Black Women In Sequence: Re-inking Comics, Graphic Novels, And Anime. The news, fortunately, is not all grim. Though modern comics are still largely dominated by white males, especially on the convention circuit, Whaley says that “a lot of black women artists that started working in the independent realm [are] gaining visibility and are now working for larger enterprises.” The inequality still exists, she says, but the gap is narrowing. Even more encouraging, according to Whaley, is that “there is a …

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