Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Out of 47 Adult Swim series creators, none are female

Since 2002, Adult Swim has proven itself a haven for daring, experimental programming, giving a national television audience to writers and artists whose work might otherwise have been confined to the dark corners of the internet. In many ways, Adult Swim has propelled TV into the 21st century, especially in terms of humor. But there is at least one area in which the network is noticeably lagging. As revealed in a Splitsider article by Megh Wright, there are currently no shows on the Adult Swim TV roster created or co-created by women. This surprising and disappointing truth came to light last month, when the network unveiled its lineup of specials, returning series, and new shows. In an era when inclusion is a priority across the board, it didn’t take long for journalists to do the math: All 47 series creators were men.

Does this mean that Adult Swim is …

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