Great Job, Internet!: Read This: One man will brave the worst that Subway has to offer

In what is destined to become the second most revolting story ever to be associated with Subway, an Australian Redditor called Mister_Scorpion has vowed to eat the most vile and unappetizing sub that the famed restaurant chain can legally produce and sell. Disregarding his own health and sanity for the fleeting glory of internet fame, Mister_Scorpion is letting Redditors choose the bread, sauces, vegetables, and other ingredients that will make up the proposed sandwich. “I will eat the highest rated comment,” he promises, “and report back.” It’s a terrifying story that has already captured the attention of Miles Klee at The Daily Dot, who writes: “There’s bravery, and then there’s Redditor Mister_Scorpion. Dude has promised to do something no sane person would.” In short, this foolhardy Australian is going to be “eating fresh” in the worst way possible.

So what kind of trouble has Mister_Scorpion gotten himself …

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