Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Nora Dunn on Andrew Dice Clay and the hell of SNL in the ‘80s

Though SNL 40 is already aired and over with, Saturday Night Live didn’t actually premiere until October of 1975, meaning we’ve still got six or so more months of SNL-related think pieces, interviews, and so on. Salon just launched a new exclusive interview series where it’ll be talking to SNL cast members and writers from every era of the show, starting with Nora Dunn.

Dunn joined the show for the 1985-86 season, at a time when the show was very nearly cancelled. Her characters, like singing sister Liz Sweeney, model-turned-talk-show host Pat Stevens, and film critic Ashley Ashley, made her a fan favorite, though she left the show in 1990 amidst some Andrew Dice Clay-related controversy. Dunn has continued to work, recently appearing on shows like New Girl and Mulaney and in the upcoming Entourage movie, but it’s her SNL recollections that fans are no …

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