Great Job, Internet!: Read This: No one could decide how erect Playgirl centerfolds should be

The sexual revolution was in full swing in 1973 when Playboy magazine got a female-focused spinoff: Playgirl. Its initial mission was “similar to its long-standing counterpart: to feature nude centerfolds alongside hard-hitting features by and for women.” But as Playgirl shifted hands and companies, the powers-that-be never really seemed to get a handle on what it was supposed to be about. As Esquire points out in Matthew Rettenmund’s oral history, “A Penis On Every Page: The Rise And Fall Of Playgirl,” the skewed vision of the men behind the scenes hampered Playgirl‘s intended success.

Even though Playgirl was likely as popular among gay men as it was among women, especially in its earliest stages, for many years execs failed to acknowledge that considerable portion of the magazine’s audience. Designer Randy Dunbar explained: “I think a lot of guys who were probably still in the closet could go …

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