Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Mike Lazzo responds to critics over the lack of women at Adult Swim

Earlier this year, Splitsider ran a piece noting that, of the 47 shows on late night comedy giant Adult Swim’s current roster of shows, none of them were created by women. Buzzfeed followed up on that disheartening number last week, tallying the credited staff on all the network’s shows, and finding that only 1 out of 34 of the names were female. (That’s in contrast to the industry average, which is 1 out of 5.) Long-time Adult Swim executive Mike Lazzo—who co-created Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, and who’s been with the network since before it even officially existed—was quoted in the piece by a source, who said they remembered him saying in a meeting “When you have women in the writers room, you don’t get comedy, you get conflict.”

Lazzo has now responded to that piece on Reddit, in an effort to …

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