Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Meet the man behind Mad Max: Fury Road’s cars

Although Men’s Rights Activists might argue otherwise, Mad Max: Fury Road is first and foremost a movie about cars. And the automobile enthusiasts over at Jalopnik spoke to Mad Max production designer Colin Gibson about the process of creating the film’s practical-effects-heavy, car-filled world. After receiving director George Miller’s instructions—“Make it cool or I’ll kill you”—Gibson decided every single car in the movie would be functional.

And that’s quite a feat, considering the film features 88 separate vehicle designs. Gibson and his crew made a total of 150 vehicles so that some could be blown up or serve as backups (more than half of the automobiles were destroyed during shooting). He also reveals that nearly all of the stunts in the movie were practical, with CGI kept to a minimum.

That article goes into a little bit of detail about each of the …

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