Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Little by little, comedy becomes less blatantly sexist

In 2011, Late Show With David Letterman staffer Eddie Brill booked only one female comedian. His alibi? “There are a lot less female comics that are authentic.” That guy was fired by CBS, and his dismissal is further evidence that the notoriously male-dominated comedy world is starting to get over its sexism. A.V. Club alum David Sims writes about how the industry is changing in a piece for The Atlantic entitled “Comedy: Slowly Becoming Less Of A Boy’s Club.” The operative word here is “slowly.” When Comedy Central announced its slate of half-hour stand-up specials, for instance, it was deemed progress that five out of the 17 shows were by female comedians. That’s a noticeable uptick from 2012, when the number was just one. When the number increased to two in 2013, that’s technically a 100 percent improvement. Aparna Nancherla, one of the comics interviewed for …

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