Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Jon Stewart details why he’s leaving The Daily Show

Since Jon Stewart announced two months ago that he was leaving The Daily Show, anyone who isn’t an employee of Fox News has been lamenting what will become of the satirical news program, while essentially eulogizing Stewart and his left-leaning comedy. It’s an understandable reaction to feel sad–or, on the extreme end, betrayed–that someone who graced our TV screens every night is suddenly leaving us, especially as we approach the latest Presidential election cycle.

A recent interview with Jon Stewart over at The Guardian serves as a nice reminder that every job, no matter how seemingly glamorous or fun, is still a job, and that 16 years of doing the same thing is ultimately taxing, and perhaps not creatively fulfilling. In the sobering interview, Stewart details why he’s leaving the show, explaining how the process of digging into the flawed political system on a daily …

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