Great Job, Internet!: Read This: It’s okay to hate John McCain’s legacy

After John McCain revealed last week that he was diagnosed with brain cancer, responses online ranged from effusive odes to his military service and political career to snide, vitriolic posts asserting that we should celebrate the Republican senator’s terminal illness. As with nearly everything in this day and age, McCain’s medical condition was immediately politicized—to humanize him in death, some said, is to also celebrate his problematic career. To criticize him in death, others argued, is to disrespect his service.

A new essay from The Outline is here to remind us that we possess the ability to separate politics and humanity. “When personality rather than policy is brought to the fore,” writes Eoin Higgins, “you can end up with a dangerous sort of revisionism that skips over legislative record.” Those who forget the past, after all…

Higgins continues:

While the senator may well be a tough man …

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