Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Inside the Rock Hall’s twisted and archaic nominating process

A new Billboard piece offers some behind-the-scenes insight into the creaky, Jann Wenner-centric method behind the selection of potential inductees to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. With inductions coming next week, just who gets into the Rock Hall and why is a hot topic, especially when acts like The Smiths and The Cure have languished unrecognized for years as Green Day gets in on its first ballot.Rob Tenenbaum’s story, “’Too Old, Too Male, Too White’: Jann Wenner Defends Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Process” is meant to shed a favorable light on the process, noting the 41 members that make up the committee recently asked Tom Morello and Questlove to join their cabal, but if anything it makes the process seem even more antiquated and problematic.

As Tenenbaum puts it, the Hall, now in its 30th year of inductions, is facing down the ‘90s, “an …

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