Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How Wedding Crashers became “this generation’s Animal House”

Wedding Crashers opened more than a decade ago to rave reviews, going on to unexpectedly make some $200 million at the box office. A new oral history from Mel Magazine digs into the movie’s success, using firsthand interviews with the movie’s director, writers, stars, and crew, and in the process it lays out a straight line from some of their behind-the-scenes decisions to the resurgence of bromance comedies (like The Hangover and many Judd Apatow movies) in intervening years.

Casting was crucial for this. The film hinges on the comic repartee of stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, but also features a slate of then-unknown talents like Isla Fisher, Bradley Cooper, and Rachel McAdams, as well as well-placed supporting spots from Jane Seymour and Christopher Walken. Director David Dobkin insisted upon several weeks of rehearsals, during which improvisation and actor input was considered and then put into a …

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