Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How the french fry burrito represents one city’s culinary identity

Food has long been a cultural identifier, a unique way for people to share the intricacies of their ancestry and traditions. With the rise of foodie culture and fast casual dining in the U.S., however, cuisines that were once localized are losing a touch of that magic, with rare regional preparations being ushered into mass appeal. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, but there is an inevitable dilution. As Alison Herman writes in a new piece for The Ringer, “To most Chipotle customers, the contentious Mission staple is just a burrito.”

The piece, “The Lost Burrito,” is all about burritos: the Mission burrito, the Chicano burrito, and, most importantly, the California burrito, which Herman grew up eating in San Diego. What separates the California burrito from its brethren is not just its preparation, which includes the addition of french fries, but that it hasn’t found a foothold …

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