Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How one contestant totally gamed Press Your Luck

When it comes to ’80s game show lore, Michael Larson is a legend: In 1984, the ice cream truck driver figured out the secret to Press Your Luck‘s digital game board, which enabled him to avoid Whammies and win well over $100,000. His appearance—which aired over two episodes in June of that year—wasn’t re-aired on TV until 2003, giving his achievement the vibe of an urban myth.

Larson’s feat was real, however—and completely legal. A fascinating new Priceonomics feature delves into his gaming methods, which involved a wall of televisions (“He watched them all at once, and it got so hot, the paint peeled off the wall,” said then-girlfriend Teresa Dinwitty), 18-hour-a-day viewing marathons, and well-timed VCR pauses. This enabled him to figure out all combinations of prize options, and where they were located on the board—meaning that when he finally finagled …

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