Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How Mike Judge predicted everything

Silicon Valley returns to HBO for its fourth season on April 23, and in advance of the premiere, The New York Times has run a lengthy profile of creator Mike Judge, the man behind other cult mainstays like Beavis And Butt-Head, Office Space, and Idiocracy. Judge has always been a fascinating figure, both for being a tough nut to crack and for exuding a level prescience that’s rare in Hollywood.

The profile provides fascinating insight into all of the above projects. Judge talks about the former neighbor and co-worker who inspired Office Space‘s Lawrence and Milton, respectively. Of Idiocracy, the flop turned prophecy he made in 2006, he says, “I should’ve made it 10 years later and set in the present.” The article also follows several Silicon Valley writers at a garish tech conference, where they’re no doubt gathering material for upcoming episodes. Of the show …

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