Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How LaCroix became a sparkling water world power

For reasons that are not entirely understandable, some people out there apparently still don’t own a SodaStream home carbonation machine. This means that they either have to drink their water flat like a barbarian, or they need to stock up on prepackaged sparkling water. Of all the brands of prepackaged sparkling water available out there, there’s one that seems to be ascendant. Odds are any person reading this article in a work cubicle is currently sitting within no less than six burbling, sweating cans of LaCroix.

The reasons for LaCroix’s sudden popularity are both self-evident and complicated. On the one hand, it has zero calories while tasting super delicious, and it comes in 20 flavors. On the other hand, why is it such a big deal now, after more than three decades on the market? According to this very important investigative piece on Vox, the answer starts …

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