Great Job, Internet!: Read This: How fanfiction can enrich and heighten its source material

Fanfiction is as pervasive as it is disreputable. Literary critics dismiss it out of hand as derivative tripe. Some professional writers feel that it violates the sanctity of their work. Lawyers may see it as an actionable breach of copyright and let loose the cease and desist notices. And yet, the tide of fan-created works based on previously published material never ceases. It is omnipresent on the internet in multiple media. Let it not be forgotten that the mighty Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise started as Twilight fanfiction, too. In light of all that, Vox is devoting a week-long series to discussing fanfiction, starting with an enlightening essay by Constance Grady. Grady’s article is written in direct response to film critic Devin Faraci, who recently wrote that the seeming purpose of fanfiction is to remove any trace of conflict or difficulty from the lives of popular characters. Young fans …

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