Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Here’s what happens when scientists bring dolphin vaginas on airplanes

We don’t give scientists enough credit for being weird. We’re always thinking of them noodling over foaming beakers when they’re actually out in the wilderness milking Antarctic fur seals and grappling with tailless whip scorpions. Given that they’re tasked with transporting their findings around the world, scientists are bound to have some interesting stories of moving through security at the airport.

The Atlantic‘s Ed Yong put out a call on Twitter for such stories and hit the motherlode. In a recent piece, Yong shares some of those stories, which encompass everything from dinosaur bones and monkey pee to a 3-D-printed model of a mouse penis. The latter belonged to the University of Florida’s Martin Cohn, who studies genital and urinary tracts. As such, a mouse penis isn’t even the weirdest thing he, or anyone else studying genitals, has brought through security.

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