Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Guy Branum’s measured take on Trevor Noah is a breath of fresh air

A lot of internet denizens have weighed in on new Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s years-old and disappointing/offensive tweets, and understandably so. People have thoughts, they have Twitter, and the two generally go together. Most interesting, though, is when comedians weigh in, because they actually have experience with what Noah’s dealing with, and not just theoretical “well, I wouldn’t have made those jokes” thoughts. Take, for instance, comedian Guy Branum, who penned an interesting op-ed about the matter for yesterday’s New York Times. In “Trevor Noah Learns Twitter Just Can’t Take A Joke,” Branum details his own experiences with walking the line between sense and humor, including a time he, as a gay man, realized he couldn’t tell an AIDS joke onstage. As Branum writes,

In 2002, at a coffee shop in one of San Francisco’s less-charming neighborhoods, I stood in front …

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