Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Get the inside scoop on OK Go’s gravity-defying video

With its innovative, eye-catching videos, OK Go has spent its career making people wonder how in the hell it did that cool stuff. That trend continues with the group’s latest clip, “Upside Down & Inside Out,” in which the members of the pop rock quartet are seeing bouncing around what appears to be the cabin of a private plane, unencumbered by their own weight, gravity just nonsense now. The band’s videos have never relied on post-production trickery or hidden wires in the past, and “Upside Down” maintains the what-you-see-is-what-you-get tradition, as revealed in an article at Red Bull’s official website. There, lead singer Damian Kulash and his sister, “Upside Down” co-director Trish Sie, talk about how the groundbreaking video came to be.

Filming a zero-G clip had been a long-term goal for Kulash and Sie ever since a visit to NASA in 2012, they say, but “Upside …

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