Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Gail’s little love interest on his time on the Wet Hot American Summer set

Viewers of the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp series know that there are tons of in-jokes laid throughout the series, from the glass-breaking sound so prevalent in the first movie to the origin of the Wet Hot theme song. And all that nostalgia is well placed, especially considering how fond people are of the 2001 original.

On that tip, Buzzfeed has an interesting article written by Gideon Jacobs, the kid that played Aaron, Gail’s sensitive and underage love interest, in the first movie. The piece, “What I Did On My Wet Hot American Summer Vacation,” weaves together Jacobs’ memories of the movie—particularly his fear about experiencing his potential first kiss ever with Molly Shannon—while also talking about both the history of child actors and how Jacobs has transitioned into “regular” adulthood. It’s an interesting piece, and a great look at the time between …

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