Great Job, Internet!: Read This: For furries, it’s about identity, not sex

Furries have gotten an unjustified bad rap, according to a new article in The Guardian. In popular culture, from CSI to Entourage, furries are almost always shown as weird sexual fetishists who get their thrills skritching and yiffing in the fur pile. It turns out, most furries aren’t in it for the sex at all. As the Guardian piece explains,

“We researchers are horrified by that stuff,” says Kathleen Gerbasi, a social psychologist who has researched the furry community extensively. “Because it really doesn’t represent the reality we see in the fandom.”

In her experience, people have either never heard of furries or they have a wildly distorted idea of it. As a result, fur fandom have become far more stigmatized than other similar nerd niches, such as anime and cosplay.

According to master fursuit maker Sarah Dee, it’s about getting an opportunity to escape from the …

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