Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Donald Trump reviews Pokémon

Everyone knows Donald Trump is a total Psyduck, but so far he’s yet to officially weigh in on the topic of Pokémon during his Presidential campaign. So this Tumblr post by Cortesdiddy decided to correct that oversight by imagining the vaguely insulting nonsense Trump might spew if his fellow candidates were pocket monsters and not just plain monsters.

For instance, here’s the entry for Pikachu:

Now, look at this guy. He’s a little yellow guy. Zippy guy. I was golfing with this little zippy yellow guy. I beat him. I beat his rear end, I tell you. But then he zapped me! He zapped me because you know what? He’s a little yellow, funky loser and not worthy of your or my attention. He’s a loser zippy guy. He’s a mouse. Little Mickey Mouse guy. A little Mickey Mouse loser guy.

Other highlights include …

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