Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Director Guy Maddin on his love of impossibly ancient movies

It should come as no surprise to his fans that Canadian auteur Guy Maddin is a champion of film restoration and preservation, nor that he is keenly interested in lost films. After all, his own kinky, surreal motion pictures, like Careful, often look as if they were made at the very dawn of cinema itself. New York’s Museum Of Modern Art has invited Maddin to be one of the presenters at its current exhibition “To Save And Project: The 13th MOMA International Festival Of Film Preservation.” The eccentric Canadian filmmaker will introduce two rarely seen silent productions: 1922’s Pan, an adaptation of a novel by Norwegian author Knut Hamsun, and 1924’s Monsieur Don’t Care, a short comedy featuring Stan Laurel in his days before joining forces with Oliver Hardy.

Indiewire‘s Paula Bernstein recently spoke to Maddin about these films in particular and the director’s …

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