Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Could Furious 7’s Luke Hobbs really break a cast by flexing his muscles?

Furious 7 challenges the notion that cars can’t fly, letting cars drop from planes and soar between skyscrapers as if by magic. But when all is said and done, in the film’s final shootout, Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs—sidelined for most of the movie by injuries after literally flying out of a building and landing on a car—decides to pull off yet another seemingly impossible feat. When he sees his friends are in danger, he turns to the camera and breaks out of his full-arm cast…by flexing his muscles.

Now, the good people over at Vox are asking the tough questions, namely: Is this even possible? According to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Eric Novack, “it’s certainly not impossible.” Novack and fellow orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Rickert both tell Vox that breaking a cast with a broken arm would be incredibly painful—too painful for most patients …

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