Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Celebrate the 30th anniversary of ABC’s Star Wars Droids cartoon series

For most Star Wars fanatics, September 7, 1985, is not a day well-remembered. It’s not May 25, 1977; it’s not even May 19, 1999. However, the date does have some significance to that galaxy far, far, away: It’s the date Star Wars Droids: The Adventures Of R2-D2 And C-3P0 premiered on ABC. IGN—as well as Retro Blasting—celebrated the 30th anniversary of Droids by shedding some light on this oft-overlooked piece of Star Wars history.

Airing during a golden age of marketing toys to children via Saturday morning cartoons, the animation style of Droids recalls a PG-rated Heavy Metal. The influence of the 1981 Canadian-produced film should come as no surprise as the animation studio Nelvana—who also introduced Boba Fett during The Star Wars Holiday Special—was headquartered in Toronto. Even the tame violence of Star Wars needed to be toned down for a Saturday …

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