Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Bruce Springsteen goes deep into the creation of Born To Run

To help commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of Bruce Springsteen’s magnum opus Born To Run, Rolling Stone has posted a previously unpublished excerpt from an interview conducted back in 2005 with the man himself. The reflective piece finds Springsteen mixing moments of intense introspection about who he was as a struggling 25 and 26 year-old artist with thoughts and insights about the culture at large during that dynamic period and how it affected his music. For instance:

“The songs were written immediately after the Vietnam War and you forget, everybody felt like that then. It didn’t matter how old you were, everybody experienced a radical change in the image they had of their country and of themselves. You were going to be a different type of American than the generation that immediately preceded you. A radically different type, so that line was just recognizing that fact …

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