Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Behind the scenes of 22 Jump Street’s closing-credits sequel frenzy

Art Of The Title, a superb site that covers graphic design in film and TV, has published an in-depth article about the closing sequence of 22 Jump Street. As you might recall, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s self-referential cop comedy ended with a rapid-fire faux preview of the series’ countless future sequels—from 26 Jump Street: Art School to 31 Jump Street: Ninja Academy and beyond. The sequence was so detailed and funny that it felt like a featurette of its own, and judging by Art Of The Title‘s interview, it felt that way to the film’s creative team, too. “Almost every piece of content was created in-house, which was the biggest challenge of this sequence,” executive producer Kathy Kelehan told AOTT. “The sheer quantity of elements needed to make the franchise feel like it had been exhausted was overwhelming. In the 4 weeks following the shoot …

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