Great Job, Internet!: Read This: An oral history of the Scorpions song “Wind Of Change”

Even though they’ve been collectively melting faces since 1965, it took until the mid-1980s and early ’90s for German rockers Scorpions to hit its commercial peak. But for all the success of bona fide hits like “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and “Still Loving You” the band reached the highest high of its career with the 1991 single “Wind Of Change” (a song The A.V. Club has also previously examined). The power ballad perfectly captured the hopeful mood and feeling within a Germany—and most of the world—coming to grips with a post-Soviet Union future. For some reason, Rolling Stone recently sat down with most of the members of the group for an extensive oral history of the quarter-century-old smash.

Amid tidbits about the songwriting process and the band’s battle with the record company to keep the track’s signature whistling refrain, there’s a number …

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