Great Job, Internet!: Read This: An oral history of the internet’s greatest, craziest day

The internet has a bottomless appetite for new trends, songs, memes, scandals, jokes, and other distractions from productive work. It tends to chew these things up and spit them out pretty quickly nowadays, always moving on to whatever’s next. But the online world has never enjoyed such a sumptuous feast as the one it was served a year ago on February 26, 2015 when two of the biggest viral sensations in recent internet history occurred back to back. In Sun City, Arizona, a pair of recalcitrant llamas decided to ditch a planned meet-and-greet session with the residents of a retirement community and began boldly roaming the streets, with the flustered authorities in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, a dress photographed in Cheshire, England was at the center of an improbably heated online debate over its color. Remarkably, the dress story began gaining momentum just as the llama …

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