Great Job, Internet!: Read This: An actor who starred in the Trump-themed Julius Caesar speaks out

At first glance, the Public Theater’s decision to imagine the namesake character of its recent production of Julius Caesar as a Trumpian figure felt as small-minded and baiting as Johnny Depp’s assassination comment from earlier this week. That’s the thing about first glances, though: They lack context and complexity, the exact things any piece of art should be weaving in. That the show was criticized roundly, with sponsors dropping out and right-wing protestors routinely disrupting the performance, just went to show how quickly something can be politicized to the point where nuance doesn’t matter anymore.

This is one of the big takeaways of a new piece actor Corey Stoll wrote for Vulture. Stoll played Marcus Brutus, Caesar’s chief assassin in the show. And though he mentions being “disappointed by the liberal design choice,” worried that the theater’s primarily left-leaning audiences might liken the performance …

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