Great Job, Internet!: Read This: A reality producer details his role in facilitating dating show hook-ups

Reality TV isn’t real in the same way professional wrestling isn’t real. Neither is what they claim to be, but, at least today, both operate within the knowledge that reality is not what you’re expecting. You want a story, and a story is what you get. The means of telling that story, however, are very, very real. It’s why wrestlers sometimes suffer life-threatening injuries and it’s why Bachelor In Paradise is in the mess it’s in now.

If you’re unaware, production of the trashy, beach-themed Bachelor offshoot stopped last weekend after “allegations of misconduct,” which were soon revealed to be centered around nonconsensual sexual acts. Then, cast member Corinne Olympios recruited a band of high-powered attorneys, claiming that she “is a victim.” Her alleged aggressor, DeMario Jackson, lawyered up as well, claiming his innocence in a statement that said he’s fallen victim …

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