Great Job, Internet!: Read This: A look at the boozy history of beloved children’s cartoons

Grown ass adults tend to have selective memories about their childhoods. We might remember some off-hand comment our friend made and some details about a cartoon we liked, but we don’t necessarily remember the stuff we didn’t understand or just didn’t deem important enough to care about. That’s why it’s always interesting to look back on stuff we once loved (something we do in our Memory Wipe series), just to see all the stuff we might have glanced past. Eater did that quite well in a feature that ran Monday about “The Boozy Underbelly Of Saturday Morning Cartoons.” A tribute to all the bottles labeled “XXX” and wobbling characters we might have technically seen as children but never fully understood, the piece addresses how, in the ‘20s, “drinking quickly became as classic a cartoon trope as slipping on a banana peel.” As the piece notes …

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