Great Job, Internet!: Read This: A fascinating portrait of life as Andre The Giant

It’s hard to imagine what professional wrestling would even look like today if not for the immense contributions of Andre The Giant. In the lead up to this year’s Wrestlemania, CBS Sports ran an extensive profile on the biggest name in sports entertainment history as fleshed out by some of the people who knew him best. While Andre certainly lived a colorful, interesting life, the piece goes a long way to reveal the man beyond the body slams as he lived outside of the confines of the squared-circle.

Among the more interesting and sometimes sad revelations include:

  • The man could drink an ungodly amount of beer—sometimes a full trashcan’s worth—to no effect whatsoever. “Obviously for a man his size, he could drink a lot,” [Million Dollar Man Ted] DiBiase said. “But in all the time I was with Andre, I never saw him slur a …

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