Great Job, Internet!: Read This: A behind the scenes look at the aftermath of Björk’s album leak

When Björk’s new album, Vulnicura, leaked earlier this year, it was months before its actual scheduled release. And while it was probably safe to assume that kind of early leak caused a flurry of activity among the singer’s camp, now there’s actual proof courtesy of a fascinating Billboard article, which details how Vulnicura ended up hitting iTunes just a couple of days ago. The piece, “Behind The Scenes Of How Björk’s Team Handled the Vulnicura Leak,” is an incredibly candid look behind the music industry’s curtain, with Derek Birkett, head of Björk’s label, One Little Indian, opening up about the push and pull he felt between Amazon and iTunes, as well as how distributors in Europe felt about the early digital release. (Spoiler alert: not great!)

Here’s some particularly insightful dirt:

As release deals continued to fall through, Birkett reached out to iTunes …

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