Great Job, Internet!: “Rainbow Flag Of Film” celebrates the joys of LGBT cinema

In the days and weeks following the weekend’s mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, many will be seeking answers to questions that might prove ultimately unanswerable. Others will simply be seeking solace and strength.

If you look to art, there is whole world of beautiful and inspiring LGBT cinema to explore, and that world is celebrated in a poignant three-and-a-half-minute (and NSFW) supercut by French video essayist Candice Drouet entitled “Rainbow Flag Of Film.” The supercut was commissioned by Fandor Keyframe well before the Orlando shootings, but the grim recent headlines lend it extra significance.

As the title suggests, Drouet used the rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride since 1978, as the inspiration for her dreamy, impressionistic montage. Each of the flag’s six stripes represents a particular value of the LGBT community, including life (red), serenity (blue), and nature (green). Drouet’s video chooses thematically …

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