Great Job, Internet!: Raiders Of The Lost Ark’s trailer remade entirely from that children’s version

It’s a tale as old as time: A group of kids sees a movie they like and spends the next seven years devoted to painfully recreating it shot for shot without any real training, budget, or adult supervision. Wait, that’s not an age-old tale at all! But it is an interesting true-life story of a group of Mississippi kids who banded together to remake their own version of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Now, in celebration of a new documentary being released this month on the project, a new video has been released that highlights how close those kids were able to approximate Steven Spielberg’s vision.

Drafthouse Films has compiled this side-by-side comparison video that uses footage from the version made by Jayson Lamb, Chris Strompolos, and Eric Zala to recreate the original film …

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