Great Job, Internet!: Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls On Parade” goes uptown with this orchestral cover

Composer Nick Proch, whose work ranges from film scores to marching band arrangements, has some very specific ideas when it comes to rock and metal. Specifically, he feels it should be played by orchestras with full string, woodwind, and brass sections. Last year, Proch masterminded a conceptual, Kickstarter-funded album called Tantamount, featuring orchestral covers of songs by Rage Against The Machine, Muse, and My Chemical Romance. And now, he has progressed to a cover of RATM’s 1996 politically charged classic “Bulls On Parade” performed by a 35-piece ensemble, including trombones, bassoons, and even French horns. And how does that sound, exactly? Sort of like the main title from a 1970s action movie about the angriest, loudest spy ever, or perhaps the theme song of a TV cop who really doesn’t like playing by the rules. Of course, the lyrics about rallying around the flag with a pocket full …

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