Great Job, Internet!: Radiolab co-host talks about sound and music in clever short film

While usually relegated to stoned discussions in dorm rooms and ontological diatribes in classrooms, asking, “What are sound and music?” is a pretty profound exercise that looks at what it means to be human and to experience life. Jad Abumrad, co-host of the Radiolab podcast/radio show, sat down with filmmaker Mac Premo to discuss his definitions of “sound” and “music” and what they mean to people at large, and to himself personally. But what makes this interview truly interesting is Premo’s visual interpretation of the discussion.

Using various forms of stop-motion animation and disparate pieces of sonic equipment, Premo makes what could be a dry or aloof conversation come alive and feel much more energetic in a beautiful, representative way. Music can mean so much to so many, and it’s hard to encapsulate the experience …

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