Great Job, Internet!: Rachel Bloom truly doesn’t care about award shows

With awards season only a few months away, actors, agents, and managers from all over Hollywood have begun their campaigns of shameless self-promotion in an effort to score one of those highly coveted golden statuettes. But one actress you won’t see needlessly appearing on talk shows or “for your consideration” ads is Rachel Bloom, who cares so little about award shows that she recorded an entire music video just to prove it. Much like her character on the critically acclaimed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bloom proves how little something is bothering her by breaking into a Broadway-inspired tune about it.

Throughout the song, she insists that, as a classically trained actress, she has little need for the superficial glitz and glamour of awards. She does it for the pure integrity of her art. Of course, she’s singing all this while wearing a black ball gown and accepting the “Award For …

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