Great Job, Internet!: Professor Steve Austin explains the science behind a Stone Cold Stunner

There’s an unwritten rule in professional wrestling that you don’t steal a star’s finishing maneuver, especially if it’s an original move inextricably linked to that wrestler.

So what might’ve been a discussion on the morality codes and ethics between professional wrestlers, became—on the latest podcast of retired WWE wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin—a pedagogical breakdown of the most famous finishing move in history.

Austin’s guest was current WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens. During his excellent title match against Roman Reign at January’s Royal Rumble, Owens executed a jumping version of the Stone Cold Stunner (Reigns kicked out of the move).

This would’ve otherwise been taboo (no one in the WWE would dare steal The Undertaker’s tombstone piledriver). But on the podcast, Owens said he asked for permission from Austin a year earlier, and Austin gave his blessing.

Where Austin …

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