Great Job, Internet!: Presidential Blitz turns the blighted 2016 election into a fun, retro game

With one extremely divisive candidate already locking up his party’s nomination and another extremely divisive candidate extremely close to locking up hers, the most bitter and hateful months of the 2016 presidential race still lie ahead. Childish insults will be hurled. Wild accusations will be made. The advertising alone will be inescapable. Time to hide away in a disused bomb shelter until December? Not at all. A free online game called Presidential Blitz manages to turn the election cycle into a fun, nostalgic platform while working in some cogent satire about the candidates. Users can opt to play the game as either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Those who are feeling the Bern should know that Senator Sanders, while not a playable character, does make his presence felt here. Among other challenges, Clinton dodges millennials while collecting gifts from super PACs. Trump’s goal is to build a wall …

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