Great Job, Internet!: Prepare to feel some emotions while watching this John Candy tribute video

Comedian and actor John Candy has been dead for 21 years now, but his work remains in the minds of both fans and colleagues. One Perfect Shot has memorialized the Canadian-born performer with a poignant and affectionate short film called “Tell Me About John,” lovingly assembled by Dominick Nero. The six-and-a-half-minute montage culls clips from Candy’s best-known performances, including his turns in Uncle Buck, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Spaceballs, as well as his many and varied roles on SCTV. “Tell Me About John” also draws on documentaries like To John With Love and Remembering John Candy, allowing testimonials from the actor’s friends and fellow actors, such as Martin Short, Tom Hanks, Harold Ramis, and others. Because Candy flourished during the heyday of VHS, Nero has included numerous “tape glitch” effects in his film, as if it were mastered from an ancient, well-worn videocassette.

What emerges from “Tell …

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