Great Job, Internet!: Predator gets medieval in new fan film, Predator: Dark Ages

Predator suits must be on a severe discount, or at least far easier to assemble than they appear. The alien hunter of men has shown up in many fan films over the years, battling aliens, Batman, Wolverine, and more. The monster has a simple premise that lends itself to various permutations and changes in setting that ultimately come down to brute force and cunning (and sometimes Gary Busey mugging like hell). With this inundation of Predator fan films, it must take something special to elevate one above the others. Enter Predator: Dark Ages.

A Kickstarter-funded fan film, Predator: Dark Ages finds the extraterrestrial manhunter on earth during the Crusades. A knight templar and his band are dispatched to track and kill the beast that has been terrorizing the countryside. This could have easily devolved into LARPers vs. Cosplayers and been a complete embarrassment, but the technical aspects of the film …

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