Great Job, Internet!: Please enjoy these all-new, robot-enhanced thrift store paintings

Someday, when you are very old, you will look back on your life and tally up the things you did, the things you never could, and the things you wish you hadn’t done. The list of things that you regret may include such items as watching Terminator: Salvation, giving the paleo diet a try, and every single purchase of a Subway Cold Cut Combo. What will definitively not be on that list, however, is “looking at augmented thrift store paintings,” because, much like photos of dogs in bow ties, these improvements on cookie-cutter art are always a net gain for the world.

This time, we’re looking at the work of artist Mike Wellins. Wellins, a director and animator at Walt Disney Studios, has his own particular style of thrift store enhancements, which include a skeleton romance, jet-pack-wearing bunnies, and the ever-popular giant robot. You can purchase prints—or …

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