Great Job, Internet!: Please enjoy some hot mic audio of senators worrying about our “crazy” president

Here’s an idea: Let’s just start leaving mics hot all the time. This is perhaps a plea to the audio engineers (?) in Congress and throughout the broadcasting world to “accidentally” leave as many mics on for as long as possible for the foreseeable future. While targeted leaks to worthy publications will always be one of the best ways to hold the Trump administration accountable, there is something deeply beautiful and even heartening about hot mic moments such as this one, in which ranking Senate Democrat Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Republican Susan Collins join together to shit all over their troll-like colleague Blake Farenthold and the troll king himself, Donald Trump.

Here’s the sweet, sweet audio:

Here’s the clipped audio of that Susan Collins hot mic moment:

— Patrick Svitek (@PatrickSvitek) July 25, 2017

The Washington Post has a detailed blow-by-blow of …

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