Great Job, Internet!: Pixar movies minus their happy endings would be too sad to contemplate

By now, anyone who goes to a Pixar movie should know exactly what to expect from the animation studio. Each film will introduce its impossibly lovable main characters and then cruelly drag them down to the depths of hopelessness and despair before giving them a redemptive happy ending, followed by an upbeat closing credits sequence. A whimsical Randy Newman song is optional. It’s clearly a formula that works. But what if Pixar began tampering with the recipe? What if they cut right from the “hopelessness and despair” part right to the upbeat closing credits, bypassing the happy ending entirely? That’s the nightmare scenario explored by “If Pixar Movies Ended At The Sad Parts,” a humorous new video by YouTuber Chris Huebs. This is Pixar minus the uplift. Huebs’ two-minute montages include drastically abbreviated versions of Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. Had the movies …

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