Great Job, Internet!: Peruse some delightful pre-movie slides from the silent movie days

Some things never change. Even in this, the second century of movie-going as public spectacle, theater patrons still have to be formally reminded (over and over again) not to be inconsiderate cretins whose rude behavior and inconsiderate actions ruin the experience for those around them. Today, of course, the menace is cell phones. A century ago? Hats. No, seriously. In the silent movie era, some women wore huge, alarmingly feathery hats which might obscure even the rotund form of Fatty Arbuckle, while making more slender stars like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton entirely invisible. Men, too, thought nothing of leaving their wide-brimmed chapeaus on their heavily-lacquered scalps for hours at a time, even while attending motion pictures. But don’t mourn for cinema fans of the early 20th century. Theaters back then were looking out for their best interests, as proven by this delightful Imgur gallery of pre-movie slides from …

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