Great Job, Internet!: People have already found the hedge maze from S-Town and it’s not looking too good

S-Town, the new podcast collaboration between Serial and This American Life, begins as a murder mystery but soon evolves into something much more interesting, namely the story of a clockmaker named John B. McLemore and the mysterious man-made maze on his property in Alabama.

The coordinates of the maze are revealed in the first episode of the podcast, so it didn’t take listeners long to find the exact location and chronicle its current state of decay. A poster on the show’s Reddit page claims that a friend who works security on the land says the maze, now under new ownership, appears to be crumbling and overgrown. The Redditor posted the following photo:

Photo: Reddit user loopdeloopdoop

This is all in contrast to an anonymous Imgur post that brims with photos of the maze looking sumptuous, green, and gorgeous. It appeared just after the show’s premiere, and seems …

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