Great Job, Internet!: PBS says everyone is both right and wrong on how to pronounce “GIF”

It is an issue so bitterly divisive that it threatens the very structural integrity of the internet itself: Is “GIF” pronounced with a hard g (as in “girl”) or a soft g (as in “giant”)? Some people insist that GIF is a homophone for a well-known brand of peanut butter. Others insist that it really, really isn’t, and may God strike dead all those who disagree. Vicious wars of words have emerged over this matter in comment sections across the internet, and it won’t be long before the GIF rage translates into real-world violence. Must blood be shed over silent, looping videos in which cats behave like people and that Scanners guy’s head explodes over and over again? Ever the source of reason and civility, PBS has weighed in on the matter with an episode of its Idea Channel webseries called “Do You Pronounce It GIF Or …

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